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Help and Support for Your Children

Kids belong in school.

We offer a safe alternative to letting our students be “free-range” during their virtual learning.

Our facility can accommodate students of all grade levels.

Supervised Virtual Learning Facility

Each “virtual learning pod” can accommodate 4 students, separated by Plexiglas shields.

There are four students to a pod and four learning pods per classroom.

Our Brain Break Room is a separate area for students to utilize when they’re between classes. We have an indoor basketball hoop, snack tables, and a gaming area.

Weather permitting, we also have outdoor meal & activity area.

Flexible Schedule

Choose from a variety of options. Pay as you go.

Space is Limited

Can accommodate all grade levels up to 16 students;

Safe and Clean

Our facility is sanitized daily.


As Founder of Lake Orion’s “A School for the Mind and Body,” Nanci Canine is uniquely suited to be able to provide a safe and effective learning environment in these COVID times.


We have been providing a consistent quality preschool program for Lake Orion / Clarkston children since 2000.

Learn more about the pre-school programs available at A School for the Mind and Body.